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Energy Based Aesthetics Catalog

A collection of Series and Courses related to the use of lasers, Sculptors, IPL's, LED's and similar devices for State Certification and other educational purposes.

Collagen Synthesis & Sculpting

Collagen synthesis, Sculpting and thermal lipolysis training

Energy Based Aesthetic Devices Technician Training Course

Laser, RF, HFMC, IL and other aesthetic devices that use energy emission to cause changes in living tissue. History, development, related physics, industry overview, related anatomy and physiology. A complete Technicians training didactic course. Minimum 40 hours to complete.

Gary Begley LE, CLTS, SLT

IMAj Institute Laser Final Exam

This is only the final test of the IMAj Laser (EBAT) training course. The test is automatically graded. Some questions have multiple redos built in. Read the test questions carefully. 80% is needed to pass. Contact course administrator to reset the test if needed.